Gifts For Silkie Chicken Lovers

61PGBXVTpGL._SL1000_People who love silkie chickens enjoy everything about their special birds. They are soft, fluffy and always up for a snuggle. Here are some gifts especially for people who own silkie chickens and can never have enough of them.

Starting off we have a silkie santa cluck T-shirt. Perfect for a Christmas gift.  Cafe Press has a coffee mug which features a silkie trio.  A plush silkie stuffed animal is perfect for any child in your life.


A stainless steel travel mug with a silkie photo on it is just the things for traveling in your car.  A long sleeve silkie ninja t-shirt brings out your inner silkie spirit. A women’s silkie pajama set is perfect for sleeping and dreaming of silkies.


If you are looking for a silkie Christmas ornament, they have one with the silkie trio on it.  How about a white silkie rooster throw pillow for your living room couch?  If you like buff silkies, here is a football shirt with one on it.


A baby romper with some cute baby silkie chicks on it.  A very bouncy, springy silkie on a coffee cup is very cute.  Also, we have a framed silkie tile wall hanging for your home.  A silkie tote bag for taking to the grocery store and bringing home supplies in.

A white silkie rooster mouse pad for use at the office can remind you of your friends at home.  A springy silkie notebook could also be used to take notes on at the office.

There are so many silkie gifts to choose from. They are all very adorable.  If you are looking for other chicken gifts check out Gifts For Guys Who Like Chickens , Gifts For The Chicken Lady , Chicken Lover’s Gifts For The Home , Gifts For Kids Who Love Chickens , and Gifts For Silkie Chickens.

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Silkies For Sale – 12/7/17

Gifts for Guys Who Like Chickens

41jxVtTWrhLWe all know that guys like to be around chickens, but what do you give as a gift to men who prefer to spend their time around poultry? I did a little research and I have a few ideas that I think would make interesting gifts for the man in your life.

Lets start with a T-shirt. How could you narrow the choices down? There are so many to choose from. Here is one that is a silkie ninja.  Another choice is the Chicken Man shirt.  What about a rooster shirt made from the countries of the world?


We have high top sneakers with chickens and chicken feet slippers (make sure you get the large).  Socks that make a male chicken statement and socks that are just fun.

Surprisingly, there was a selection of chicken themed men’s underwearBoxers are available too.  We have men’s jogger pants and lounge pants.

Hoodies with attitude when it comes to chickens are great lounging wear.  Sweatshirts have chicken attitude as well.


There seems to be many chicken hats available for men. There are baseball caps, and bucket caps.  There are knit caps and santa hats. Lots of hats to choose from.

If your chicken loving guy likes to cook or grill, I found a grilling apron in white or purple.


Drinking coffee in just the right coffee cup is important. Here are a few your guy might like.  Only my chickens understand me, or Chickens, because humans are annoying.  So many to choose from. If you aren’t interested in coffee, I did find some rooster shot glasses that looked like fun.

I have a couple of signs for outside. A chicken farmer parking sign and a chicken street sign.


I also liked this rustic chicken coop sign.  You could put this chicken weather vane on top of your chicken coop.


Maybe all your man needs is the Famous drinking bird, that could be mistaken for a chicken.   Last , but not least, how about a doctorate degree from the chicken university to show how intelligent he is.


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Gifts for the Chicken Lady

71SfN95y2VL._SY355_There are probably more gifts that are chicken themed for women than any other category. I think that women have a soft spot in their hearts for their chickens and like to wear items that reflect that love.  If you know someone who loves chickens, this is a great place to get gift ideas for them.

Lets start with shoes. We have some lace up chicken boots for working outside. They also have high top sneakers with the same pattern.  Maybe you prefer flip flops for the beach, or canvas slip ons.  You may want some cool chicken socks to go with your shoes.  Purple rooster socks are fun as well.

Boots for working in the garden or out in the chicken coop are necessity.  Short boots or tall boots  will get the job done.  After working all day, slip into some soft chicken slippers to give your feet a rest.


Scarves with a chicken theme are nice way to dress up an outfit. There are many different scarves to choose from. A chicken hat is a nice addition as well.

The I Love My Chickens hoodie is a fun way to keep warm. There are so many chicken inspired T-shirts that there is no way to list them all. Mother of Chickens makes me think of Game of Thrones. I love my Ladies just about sums up how I feel on this T-Shirt.

There is also a nice silkie t-shirt.

We will finish off the clothing part by showing a night shirt and a couple of dresses. If I have to dress up, I want a dress with a chicken on it.


Purses with chickens on them are interesting. You can get totes for grocery shopping or small wallet sized pouches.  Single shoulder back packs work well too.

Speaking of bags there are also makeup pouches with chicken themes.  I love these chicken feet sponge holders for your make up table.  Chicken poop lip balm is always good for a laugh and great for your lips.


What can I say about chicken jewelry? Have a look at some of these items. We have a rooster necklace and a rooster brooch for your sweater.  A chicken charm bracelet for your wrist and some stud earrings for the ears.


As I am looking at these rooster wine stoppers, I am thinking of having a glass of wine myself. How about a set of wine glasses to go with it. This is a cute fat chicken to hold all of your wine corks.


I like to keep a journal and notes on all of my birds. This journal looks like a good one for keeping individual records on bird.


Lastly, I am going to show you some cute iphone cases. Here is one for the iphone 8.   They also have the 7plus and 8 plus cases. I really liked this phone case as well. There are also Samsung and Galaxy phone cases if you hunt around.

If you would like to see other chicken gift ideas check out Chicken Lover’s Gifts for the Home and Gifts for Kids Who Love Chickens . If you are interested in a gift for your silkie chicken check out our blog.    We also have Gifts for Guys Who Like Chickens.  and Gifts For Silkie Chicken Lovers.

If you would like to read about more tips and tricks for raising outstanding silkies check out are blog at VJPPoultry.comSilkie supplies has basic chicken supplies for all of your silkie needs.

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Silkies For Sale – 12/1/17