Gifts for Kids Who Love Chickens

811EAX6NdbL._SL1500_     Most kids love a soft, cuddly chicken and there are a surprisingly large amount of special occasion toys and clothing that will excite young future poultry enthusiast.

I was really excited when I found this 4D chicken skeleton and Anatomy model. This looks like a lot of fun and very educational.  Its like putting together a puzzle of the insides of a chicken.

Speaking of puzzles, there was a great one I found that had pictures of the different breeds and chicken quotes. It had 1,000 pieces and was for ages 12 and up.

There are numerous T-shirts with the chicken theme. This one is a chicken Dabbing T- shirt which comes in a youth size.  The teens they be dabbing.

Chicken hats are fun and again, there are many of them. This cute chicken hat is for a baby or toddler.  There are even onesies with the chicken theme.  Don’t forget chicken baby shoes which are made of soft leather.

41aznBaycELThere are some really cute plush chicken toys that look very realistic. I love the silkie plush animal.  There looks like there are about six different breeds of chicken to choose from.  The black chick plush toy also looks very much like a silkie to me.


If you want a barnyard full of chickens, check out the Chicken Coop Hen House with plush chickens.


For the very young ones there is the Little Chicken finger puppet and book.

If you are interested in gifts specifically for chickens  check out my blog post.  We also have chicken related gifts for the home. and Gifts for the Chicken Lady. also Gifts for Guys Who Like Chickens. and Gifts For Silkie Chicken lovers.

For tips and tricks for raising outstanding silkie chickens read our weekly silkie blog at and visit Silkie Supplies for all of your basic silkie needs.

Victoria Peterson



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