Unique Chicken Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love sparkly, blown glass Christmas ornaments. I own many,  but the chicken themed ones are always my favorite.  These ornaments are heirloom worthy and can be passed down for generations. I like trees with different themes and these ornaments would fit in well with any county themed Christmas tree.

Old World ornaments are hand crafted in age – old traditions with techniques that originated in the 1800s.  Molten glass is mouth blown into finely carved molds.  The ornaments are all hand painted and glittered in a series of labor intensive steps to achieve beautiful creations.

812jA+ObXTL._SL1500_Hen On Nest

61GPmt9uoDL._SL1000_Spring Chicken


512y18dEQML._SL1200_Baby Chick



51g6LrsrwnL._SL1000_Cowboy Rooster blown glass ornament

61xkBkm1fvL._SL1000_BestPysanky Rooster in Winter Village glass ball – hand painted in the Ukraine

61dbRyCdI9L._SL1000_BestPysanky Rooster with Flowers.

Even though this isn’t a blown glass ornament, I really liked it.

71mJSVZKPZL._SL1500_resin Chicken Coop.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at all of these chicken themed tree ornament.  When you are passionate about something like chickens, it is easy to create all kinds of decorative decor that reflect your excitement.

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Victoria J. Peterson


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