Chicken Games For Kids

There is something about a chicken that can make any game more hilarious. If you have kids on your list who like chickens or if you want to introduce kids to the world of poultry, one of these games may be just the ticket. These are all family games that can be played with several different age groups.  Game Night takes a whole new turn with exploding eggs and trying to outwit Mr. Fox.

91gNhkdONQL._SL1500_Haywire Group Flicken’ Chicken.

  • Includes four rubber chickens, a target disc and score pad
  • Great family game
  • Players encourage to make up their own rules
  • Encourages physical activity
  • For 2-4 players


Chickapig Board Game – A strategic board game where chicken/pig hybrids attempt to reach their goal while dodging opponents, hay bales and the ever menacing pooping cow.



818fl-Em7GL._SL1500_Rooster Race. 

  • MAKES LEARNING FUN: These funny roosters and chickens will have you laughing with every card that’s flipped! Players compete with cards to win corn. The better card predictions you make, the more ears of corn you win! It’s the high low game of fowl fun! Rooster Race has received the 2017 Seal of Excellence Award by Creative Child Magazine.


71RBIQcXuOL._SL1500_ Squawk Chicken Game.

  • Kids will love this light-hearted game with the squawking chicken!
  • Press the chicken and listen for the funny “SQUAWK!” If the hen house opens, the chicken will lay an egg that you get to “crack open”


  • Count Your Chickens is the award winning cooperative counting game with pluck!
  • Players work together to help Mother Hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the coop; if they are successful everyone wins!

91ms7smTjOL._SL1500_Catch the Fox Game. Uh oh – the Fox is in the hen house! This greedy Fox is snapping up the chickens and stuffing them into his pockets. When there are too many chickens, his pants will fall down, and the chickens will escape.

71IA30Y-GKL._SL1500_Peek-A-Doodle Doo memory Game.

  • The find and hide game of chickens and eggs; a brilliant “My First Game” for your clever little farmer
  • First, use memory to collect all 12 eggs from under the chickens; then, use memory to put the eggs back under the chickens; make a mistake, your scoring egg cracks a little more each time; least cracked egg at end of game wins



911XvamCqRL._SL1500_Chicks Go Boom. Roll the die to see which color chickens you can toss into the coop…but move quickly before the coop pops up and they all go boom! It’s a race to see who can round up their chickens first in this rowdy, wild game!

91YriS6GjaL._SL1500_Looping Louie.  In this fun game, defend your chickens from Loopin’ Louie as he swoops and barrel rolls round and round the barns. If he dives too close to your chickens, flip him back into the air before he knocks out a chicken!

71FrWKhGn8L._SL1500_Chicken Foot Dominoes. This set of Double Nine Tournament Size Dominoes is ideal for playing chickenfoot game as well as many other dominoe variations. Tournament dominoes are the largest commercially available size.

71Xd8Iy5y6L._SL1500_ChickyBoom. . A game of balance, counting and laughs where the roost goes Chickyboom.

510a+iR+amL._SX372_BO1,204,203,200_Chicken Games and Puzzles. Peck your way through chicken wire mazes and crack some codes while collecting eggs. Kids 6 to 9 will delight in this romp through a barnyard full of brainteasers, word searches, tongue twisters, picture puzzles, and much more. Rudy and Buttercup, two chickens who know their way around the farm, lead you through this engaging and informative book of chicken-themed fun. Cluck and cackle as you solve one fowl riddle after another.

71gUhXiwhQL._SL1200_Chicken Shuffle.

  • A fun, unique twist on puzzle games…cover the eggs with chickens. 
  • 48 Challenges, including Starter, Junior, Expert and Master levels

91IpJnWh8UL._SL1500_Lego Mindcraft The Chicken Coop.

  • Build a LEGO Minecraft chicken farm with chicken pen, furnace, water and grass areas and an elevated henhouse that delivers Minecraft chicken eggs directly into a chest.

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Victoria J. Peterson


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