Silkies For Sale – 1/17/20

Here is what is available for the week of Jan. 17, 2020.  We hatch out silkie chicks every week at VJP Poultry.  We are NPIP, Pullorum tested and a Minnesota state  inspected hatchery.  No Shipping/Pick up only.  We sell one and two week old unsexed silkie chicks.  We also sell 4 month old female silkie pullets.  We can no longer accept rooster returns.  If you are not allowed to have roosters where you live I would recommend that you consider a four month old female silkie pullet.

20200114_140031Four month old female silkie pullets –  $65 each.


Maud and Honey are 4 year old black hens.  They are $40 each.



20200116_110550Pen 21 One week olds hatched 1/9 – 7 grey, 1 buff – $13 each.



Pen 20 – One week olds hatched 1/9 – 3 blue, 6 partridge – $13 each.


20200116_103958Pen 19 – One week olds hatched 1/9 – 9 white – $13 each.  Pen 18- Newborns – 10 white – $11 each. Perfect for 4-H poultry showing. NPIP and Pullorum tested. You will not need to retest when you are ready to show.



Pen 8 – Two week olds hatched 1/2 – 1 buff, 4 grey – $15 each.



Pen 7 – Two week olds hatched 1/2 – 1 blue, 4 partridge, 1 buff – $15 each.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to come out and pick up some silkies, you can contact me by texting 612-756-1414 or PM me at the VJP Poultry Facebook page.




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