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Gifts for Guys Who Like Chickens

41jxVtTWrhLWe all know that guys like to be around chickens, but what do you give as a gift to men who prefer to spend their time around poultry? I did a little research and I have a few ideas that I think would make interesting gifts for the man in your life.

Lets start with a T-shirt. How could you narrow the choices down? There are so many to choose from. Here is one that is the Chicken Dad.  Another choice is the Cocky shirt and what about Backyard Chicken Farmer.


We have high top sneakers with chickens and chicken feet slippers (make sure you get the large).  Socks that make a male chicken statement and socks that are just fun.

Surprisingly, there was a selection of chicken themed men’s underwearBoxers are available too.  We have men’s jogger pants and lounge pants.

Hoodies with attitude when it comes to chickens are great lounging wear.  Ugly Christmas sweaters have chicken attitude as well.


There seems to be many chicken hats available for men. There are baseball caps, and bucket caps.  There are knit caps and santa hats. Lots of hats to choose from.

If your chicken loving guy likes to cook or grill, I found a grilling apron.


Drinking coffee in just the right coffee cup is important. Here are a few your guy might like.  Only my chickens understand me, or Chickens, because humans are annoying.  So many to choose from. If you aren’t interested in coffee, I did find some rooster shot glasses that looked like fun.

I have a couple of signs for outside. A chicken farmer parking sign and a chicken street sign.


I also liked this rustic chicken coop sign.  You could put thischicken weather vane on top of your chicken coop.


Maybe all your man needs is the Famous drinking bird, that could be mistaken for a chicken.   Last , but not least, how about a doctorate degree from the chicken university to show how intelligent he is.


If you want to see other chicken gifts we also have Gifts For Silkie Chicken Lovers,    Chicken Lovers gifts for the Home,,  Gifts for Kids who love Chickens, Gifts for the Chicken Lady and Gifts for Chickens.

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Victoria J. Peterson